Feedback and Complaints


NQCWS Inc. encourages feedback from women and stakeholders accessing the service.

Feedback can be provided by individual women or stakeholders on their initiative or in response to requests by NQCWS Inc. 

NQCWS Inc. shall endeavor to make it easy as possible for women to provide feedback and ensure the anonymity of people who do, unless they agree otherwise.

Feedback initiated by women or stakeholders is encouraged by:

  • Compliments, Comments and Complaints forms available at the reception desk and here
  • Suggestions box in The Women’s Centre
  • Visitors book at reception which women can leave comments in

Feedback will be sought from women and stakeholders by:

  • Participation in our annual survey of the service
  • Feedback forms provided to women at the end of each group run at The Women’s Centre
  • Completing evaluations of Community Education workshops provided
  • Quality of Life survey conducted throughout counselling sessions

NQCWS Inc. shall keep comprehensive, clear and useful records of all feedback received from women and stakeholders.  Information arising from this feedback will be assessed, compiled and utilised in planning of services and included the Continuous Improvement Plan.


NQCWS Inc. wants to ensure women accessing the services feel able to voice their dissatisfaction with any aspect of the service, and to be confident that NQCWS Inc. will manage their complaints professionally and respond quickly and appropriately.  All women shall be informed of their rights and the Complaints Policy and Procedure at the earliest possible stage of their involvement with NQCWS Inc.

How to make a Complaint

All complaints will be treated in a confidential manner, and can be submitted on the following form:- (click here)

  • Anonymous complaints can be lodged on a Compliments, Comments and Complaints form here and forwarded to the centre.
  • Anonymous complaints will be acted upon as far as information provided will allow.
  • A woman can make a complaint by speaking directly to a staff person, or by asking to speak to the Coordinator.
  • All complaints will be directed to the Coordinator.

If the complaint involves the Coordinator, the complaint will be referred to the President of the Management Committee.

  • The woman making the complaint will be informed as soon as the Coordinator receives the complaint about the process for investigating and resolving the complaint internally and external processes available in Queensland.
  • The woman will be provided with information regarding opportunities for appropriate support and advocacy during the complaints process. This will include consideration of her specific and diverse needs.
  • The Coordinator will discuss the nature of the complaint with the woman and determine what actions can be taken to address and resolve the issues of the complaint.

As appropriate the complaint may be referred to an external agency (such as the Queensland Police Service, Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women and the Department of Housing and Public Works, or Office of Public Guardian).

  • The woman will be kept informed of any ongoing actions and outcomes related to the complaint.
  • The matter is usually considered finalised if the woman is satisfied with the response and/or all avenues of resolution have been fully explored. The final outcome is then recorded in the Complaints Register.
  • The woman may choose to take the complaint no further, however has the right to request the complaint to be heard by the Management Committee or as appropriate have the complaint mediated or investigated by an external person or organisation.

Women accessing NQCWS Inc. have the right to lodge their complaint directly with the

Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women, or Department of  Housing and Public Works

or if the matter regards privacy to the

Federal Privacy Commissioner. 

However, women will be encouraged to explore options outlined above first. 

Review and Appeals Process

If the woman is not satisfied with the investigation and proposed resolution of their complaint or appeal, they can seek a further review of the matter by:

  • Referral of the matter to an independent mediator, as appropriate, and as negotiated with the woman.
  • Formal Appeal process


We use information gathered from our complaints and appeals procedure to inform our decision making and planning processes
Complaints will be taken into consideration to constructively modify and improve services and programs as part of the quality improvement system.


Crisis numbers

24hr telephone support services available include:

DV Connect

1800 811 811

Homeless Persons
Information Centre

1800 474 753


131 114

Sexual Assault Helpline

1800 010 120 (until 11.30pm)

National Sexual Assault,
Domestic Family Violence
Counselling Service

1800 010 120 (1800 RESPECT)