Our groups offer support and information to any woman who chooses to participate in them.

All groups are run free of charge to participants but donations to assist in the running of these groups are gratefully accepted. Many of the women who come to the groups live on limited incomes, and if there were costs associated with participation, this would place significant barriers to their accessing the group.  To support us in continuing to offer these groups to women free of charge, you might sponsor a group, in part or wholly.

Sponsor a group here  | View the groups timetable for August 2017

Art Workshop
Weekly x 4             Monday 10.00 - 12:00pm

Commences Monday 8th August

Please ring 47757555 as limited numbers

Weaving & Yarning Circle
Monday 9.00-3:00pm (except school holidays)

Maltha Yuribaya Worrunga Weaving

Cultural Activities and Yarn Circle

Please also bring something to share for

Our  Morning Tea….

 Contact Details: Ph:07 47757555

Tuesday     10.00-11:00am   (except school holidays)

Facilitator: Meredith Starck

Commences:Tuesday 8th August 2017

How yoga benefits your health?

Yoga is a low impact activity which enhances the wellbeing of women.  This is a popular and well attended group at the Centre.  Having a fantastic instructor is a big draw card.  Sitting out under the mango tree in our shady and much loved garden area, soaking up the green space allows us to reflect on this journey which adds a special spiritual feel.  We talk about the special place yoga has in fitness and how good the body feels when we practice it.

This conversation brings us to consider the benefits of yoga to holistic health. Meredith explains - “it aids in finding solace, comfort, ease and strength.

This is achieved by regular, quiet, gentle exercises involving the whole body and mind with breath.  The breath in itself is a powerful tool to achieve complete bodily well being.  This is the beginning of a yoga practice”. 

Being part of such a wonderful group of yogic women in a safe women’s only space brings feelings of peace, belonging, inclusion, spirituality and appreciation for diversity.

Women's Legal Clinic Monthly: 1st, 3rd & 4th Tuesday 9.00-12.00pm  
  1. Tues: 1st August   - ATSILS (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service)
  2. Tues: 15th August - Law Right Legal Clinic
  3. Tues: 22nd August- NQWLS (North Queensland Womens Legal Service)

      Please ring 47757555 to make a free appointment to speak to a solicitor


Balancing Life
Tuesday     12.30 - 2.30pm

Beginning 1st August 2017

A weekly support group for women to explore issues of reducing stress and living in a healthy way

Attend one or all sessions and for more information call Erin 47757555

Playgroup     Wednesday  9.30-11.30am  

Facilitator: Hayley

Funded by donations – commencing Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Playgroup at The Women’s Centre has continued this year, supported by a generous donation from Max Employment.  The Playgroup is held on a Wednesday morning and is supported by an early childhood worker and a social worker and their roles are to facilitate a healthy, safe and fun environment.  Workers ensure that play experiences are organised in a meaningful way with intervention, assistance and instruction are available when needed.

Women and their children gather under the shady trees in the backyard of  The Women’s Centre and mould and roll playdough, run their fingers through slime, splash in water, create paintied masterpieces in vibrant colours, listen to stories and actively participate in puppet playtime and singing.  Everyone sits down to enjoy a large platter overflowing with juicy seasonal fruits providing an excellent opportunity to role model healthy eating.

The Women’s Centre Playgroup has successfully engaged women and children and has delivered positive outcomes evidenced by the number of women who return each week.

Keeping the Sharks At Bayalancing Life
Wednesday                10:00 - 12:00pm

Commencing Wednesday 2nd August 2017

A weekly group for women affected by or experiencing Domestic Violence

Contact Alison on 074775755 for more information

Craft Workshop 
Thursdays 9:30-11:30am

This is an open group so please come and join with Virginia to learn something new

Commences Thursday 3rd August 2017

Please ring 47757555 for more information

Sexual Assault Survivors Group
Friday 10.00-12:00pm

Facilitator: Karen

Commences:- 4th August 2017


Crisis numbers

24hr telephone support services available include:

DV Connect

1800 811 811

Homeless Persons
Information Centre

1800 474 753


131 114

Sexual Assault Helpline

1800 010 120 (until 11.30pm)

National Sexual Assault,
Domestic Family Violence
Counselling Service

1800 010 120 (1800 RESPECT)